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Cosmelan is the world’s leading professional depigmenting method.

Pigmentation is the most common concern today amongst all ethnic and skin photo-types, and most age groups, with over 90% of people presenting varying types of pigmentation from melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun-induced pigmentation and genetic types of pigmentation. 

Cosmelan can be used for all types of melanogenic lesions on all fitzpatrick skin types. For pigmentation is our skin's natural defence mechanism, Cosmelan treats the root of the cause of pigmentation, and re-programs our cells responsible for our melanin (pigmentation) production ensuring they are healthy and produce just the right amount of melanin for skin protection, whilst removing melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,  solar/sentile lentigo (dark spots), ephelides (freckles) and preventing them from returning.

C O S M E L A N   P R O C E D U R E

The Cosmelan peel procedure is broken down into a 5-phase system over a 7-month period. This is vital for achieving the target outcome. Phases 1-3 are always provided in the clinic and consist of a cleanse, oil removal and mask application.

Phases 4 + 5 are carried out from home as part of your at-home care. 

This method consists of a salon stage and a home care routine over a 7-month period.

Pricing of $1,990 includes the salon-based treatment, 3 months of home care products, follow-up calls and LED treatments.


Refer to Care Instructions for Pre and Post Treatment Care for facial treatments.

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