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What Is IPL?

ETHEREA IPL-Sq® uses light energy in the form of intense, ‘broad-spectrum’ light bursts that penetrate the skin. It employs various filters to refine the light energy, depending on the target. In this way, it is capable of treating a range of conditions.


ETHEREA IPL-Sq® Photo Rejuvenation can make a dramatic difference to the appearance of your skin. It can help restore a blotchy, ageing appearance to a more even, youthful and creamy complexion.

How Etherea IPL-Sq® Works

Etherea IPL-Sq® uses advanced technology that automatically determines the correct wavelength. The pulse of light passes through the surface of the skin (without damaging it) and is delivered precisely to the target, promoting a wound-healing process in which the skin rapidly produces new, undamaged skin cells.

The Etherea IPL-Sq® Difference

ETHEREA IPL-Sq® uses state of the art SQUARE-WAVE PULSE® technology, which, unlike other IPL systems, delivers completely even bursts of controlled, micro-processed energy. This minimises unwanted effects from variations in the energy impulse, and provides a more reliable outcome.

Who Can Benefit From Etherea IPL-Sq® Photo Rejuvenation?

If you have sun damaged akin, acne vulgaris, pigmented or vascular lesions, it is likely that Etherea IPL-Sq® photorejuvenation will help you significantly. However, your practitioner will confirm the best treatment for you after a thorough examination of your skin.


IPL treatment should not be performed on skin that has been recently sun-tanned, or over-exposed to the sun.

What Is The Difference Between IPL And Laser Resurfacing?

ETHEREA IPL-Sq® treatment is non-invasive, so most people can experience cosmetic improvements quickly, with minimal risk and downtime. Laser skin resurfacing is used for more serious skin problems, such as significant sun damage or acne scarring. It is invasive, due to the fact that the surface of the skin is removed during the treatment, so it requires significant recovery time, and there is a greater risk of complications. Your practitioner will advise you regarding the best treatment option for you.



Full Face

Full Face & Neck

Full Face, Neck & Decolletage

Neck & Decolletage

Half Face (Lower or Forehead)

Hands / Neck / Decolletage

Spot Treatment


Pre-pay any 3 services and receive discounted package prices.

Refer to Care Instructions for Pre and Post Treatment Care for IPL treatments.​






$150 per area

$99 per spot

$30 per area

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