LED Light therapy the innovative, non-invasive, no downtime treatment that can be done on it's own or as an add-on to any skin treatment.

Here at Shine Aesthetic's we have the FlexLux LED this is a medical grade high intensity and multiple light therapy device, with photobiomodulation. It contains 4 wavelengths in one panel with the ability to tailor it to specific concerns and conditions. The use of LED light therapy helps to stimulates the skin's 'powerhouse' . Rejuvenating, clearing acne, diffusing problematic skin and reducing inflammation with the help of Photomodulation, the FlexLux LED gives skin textural improvement, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improving the appearance of sun-weathered skin.

LED Light therapy treatments can be done in a single wavelength mode or multi-wavelength mode with each session tailored to your specific concerns.


30min $49 per session



Refer to Care Instructions for Pre and Post Treatment Care for facial treatments.