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Enhance your skin with one of our Advanced Dermafix Facials.

Dermafix are well-renowned for their Advanced Cosmeceutical products and treatments providing result-driven treatments and products targeting Hyper-pigmentation, Anti-ageing, Acne and much more. 






P R O  B R I G H T  F A C I A L

Dermafix's entry level brightening, skin rejuvenation facial. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Removes dead skin cell build up, encourages cell renewal promoting healing and calming of the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

40min      $120 


C - G L O W  F A C I A L 

Get that healthy, hydrated summer glow with the DermaFix C-Glow Facial this facial includes a mild peel to help remove redundant skin cell build-up, improving product absorption and promoting blood flow to the skin. Vitamin C shines as key ingredient used throughout this treatment, boosting antioxidant levels within the skin, whilst brightening the skin tone. The skin is left feeling smoother and
hydrated, with a boost in overall skin radiance.

45min   $140 

V I T A M I N  A  B O O S T  F A C I A L

The DermaFix Vitamin A-Boost facial utilises the vitalisation-power of Vitamin A
Propionate. This facial is a multi-level Advanced Skin treatment. Super anti-ageing, brightening , leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother, even and glowing with no down-time or irritation. It is highly recommended that preparation with Dermafix products or either the C-Glow facial or Pro-Bright Facial before Advancing to this treatment. Contact us for any queries

90min    $140

Express HydraFacial Add-on  $89.00

LED Add-On $39.00


Refer to Care Instructions for Pre and Post Treatment Care for facial treatments.

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