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With Covid-19 Alert Orange comes elevated safety and hygiene standards in line with Government recommendations. This means there will be changes to how we operate and some steps we will both have to take to ensure we do our part to minimise the risk and spread of Covid-19.


  1. There will be a one in one out rule. To avoid cross over of clients the reception waiting area will be closed. Please don't arrive early to your appointment and if you do so please stay in your car until your appointment time. This rule also means no extras are to attend your appointment with you including children.

  2. You will be required to scan the QR code at the salon door and enter your details into the Covid Tracer app before entry. Please download the app in advance to make this process quicker. You will also be required to display a vaccination passport in Orange. This has been mandated for us and leaves us with no option but to follow the rules or be given a hefty fine. From Green we can see everyone and this requirement will be gone. 

  3. There will be a Sanitation Station when you enter. Please make use of this and ensure your hands are cleaned thoroughly before your appointment. Please also wear a mask inside all common areas these can be removed when in the treatment rooms. 

  4. When you arrive in the treatment room sit straight on the treatment chair. There will be no blankets/throws available during this time. This is to make sanitising the area more effective. Please dress warmly.

  5. If you are feeling ill, have a cold, flu or seasonal allergies please reschedule your appointment. If you arrive with signs of illness you will be sent home and our cancellation policy will apply. If you have been to any locations of interest please reschedule your appointment in accordance with the Ministry of Health monitoring guidelines.

Please do your best to adhere to these industry guidelines. If you have any questions please make contact.

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