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 Lumixa is a biophotonic topical gel that contains a fluorophore with an energy profile that is activated when placed under a 415nm – 465nm professional Blue LED light therapy machine. The light energy stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms to heal at a deeper cellular level.


FLE (fluorescent light energy) acts within the different layers of the skin simultaneously, meaning clients can enjoy the benefits of multiple wavelengths of light energy at once on both the epidermal and dermal layers, up to 6mm deep.

  • Blue Light – Targets bacteria and has anti‑inflammatory effects

  • Green Light – Targets fibroblasts and induces healing processes

  • Yellow Light – Reduces redness, swelling and boosts circulation

  • Red Light – Boosts blood circulation and increases collagen production


Treatments with Lumixa stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen production, correct ‘Inflammageing’, target the intrinsic signs of ageing and reactivate the skin matrix.




L U M I X A  S K I N  N O R M A L I S E R

Modulates skin reactivity and stress, prevents and combats inflammation, gives a revitalising and energising effect suitable for all skin types. Helps to targets first signs of skin ageing, addresses dehydrated, reactive or dull skin. Aids in preventive and corrective action. Has an anti-inflammatory effect, especially useful before and after invasive treatments. Perfect to pair with a Medik8 peel.

Recommended as a course of 12 treatments.

45min $399



 L U M I X A  C O L L A G E N  B O O S T E R

Provides and evident increase in collagen production, Reactivation of the skin
tissue and skins 'powerhouse' and stimulates our Fibroblasts that produce our collagen and elastin. Improves skin density with a plumping effect, skin texture, fine wrinkles and pore size. Perfect to pair with Dermal Skin Needling.

Recommended as a course of 4-6 treatments.

45min $399


Refer to Care Instructions for Pre and Post Treatment Care for facial treatments.

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